Litigation Support and Research Management

F&M provides litigation support to counsel in all aspects of commercial disputes. We work with counsel and clients in the initial evaluation of a case by examining the economic, accounting and financial elements of the central issues. We provide preliminary assessments of damages, and assist in developing settlement positions. We work with attorneys to develop litigation strategies, identify and select potential witnesses, assist in discovery, and design and manage technical research for quality control, consistency across experts, and cost efficiency. We often assist counsel in the preparation of discovery requests, especially where our knowledge of accounting, financial controls, SEC reporting, tax, and business management and planning practices are applicable.

We often take the lead in reconstructing and critiquing the work of opposing expert witnesses, and in preparing materials for use in the depositions and cross-examinations of those experts. We also serve as internal "devil's advocates" and technical advisers to counsel whose experts must present highly technical quantitative arguments. Using either our own facilities or working with counsel, client, or outside vendors, we can facilitate management of documents and data, compile databases from documentary or electronic information sources, and perform financial, econometric, statistical, and operations analysis for use by counsel and expert witnesses.

Our long history of providing this full range of litigation support services in many complex litigation and arbitration engagements has proven to be a valuable resource to counsel embarking on major litigation matters.