Securities and Commodities Litigation

F&M provides interdisciplinary team expertise in accounting and economics regarding liability and damages in securities law cases, both civil and criminal. F&M's experience includes securities fraud, securities trading, investment and investment management.

F&M Capabilities

  • Experienced Big Four CPAs with accounting, auditing and tax experience
  • Evaluation of financial reporting requirements including GAAP and SEC financial reporting requirements
  • Experienced expert witnesses
  • Economic and financial analysis of securities and commodities trading
  • Valuation of securities and other holdings
  • Analysis of investment management strategies
  • Analysis of asset valuations, option pricing, portfolio management, cash flow discounting and risk management
  • Evaluation and calculation of damages relating to securities transactions
  • Experienced in Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures

F&M Case Histories

  • F&M testified and consulted in securities fraud cases regarding various GAAP issues and failures, including revenue recognition, purchase accounting, stock option accounting, asset impairment, contingent liabilities, derivatives accounting, allowance for loan losses, and income tax accounting and disclosures.
  • F&M testified and consulted in securities fraud cases regarding SEC financial reporting requirements, including MD&A disclosures.
  • F&M testified regarding the amount of greenmail premiums paid to corporate raiders in a shareholder derivative suit.
  • F&M analyzed brokerage and exchange trading records to recreate the transactions of a corporate raider of an oil company resulting in a $48 million disgorgement of insider trading profits.
  • F&M evaluated an investment manager's compliance with an $85 million investment plan, including the suitability of investment positions.
  • F&M analyzed the trading patterns of a Taiwanese stock trader.
  • F&M prepared "event" studies to defend class-action "fraud on the market" cases.
  • F&M calculated stockholders' "rescission" and "out-of-pocket" damage claims.