Media & Entertainment

F&M assists clients in a wide range of media and entertainment matters involving intellectual property, business valuation, fraud investigations, and accounting. Our industry experience includes publishing, motion pictures, video, music, cable TV, cellular phones, and the internet.

F&M Capabilities

  • PhDs in economics and experienced Big Four CPAs
  • Experienced expert witnesses
  • Experienced in analyzing damages related to visual artists, royalty rates and rights of publicity
  • Experienced in analyzing new business and new product ventures
  • Evaluation of the effects of competition and pricing

F&M Case Histories

  • F&M testified at trial on the book sales of NY Times best selling science fiction author to determine the true number of books published and its impact on the valuation of the author's claim to movie rights.
  • F&M, in a dispute involving motion picture rights to a book, analyzed attributes and events that diluted the value of the motion picture rights over a multi-year period.
  • F&M calculated the lost profits due to a breach of contract involving product placement in a major motion picture.
  • F&M analyzed the amount of profits attributable to the use of a composition and master recording of a song in a series of television commercials. The analysis involved evaluation the relative significance of the music and the diminishing effects of an advertising message over time.
  • F&M determined the unjust enrichment resulting from the infringement of the right of publicity involving the identity and likenesses of actors from the sitcom "Cheers" used in life-sized animated characters in Cheers-themed restaurants.
  • F&M, on behalf of a broadband media entertainment business and provider of video-on-demand products, valued the company's film library based on the expected demand for the genre of films contained in the library and on the strategic value of the company's worldwide distribution network.
  • F&M testified to the value of patents associated with DVD and pause live-action technologies. Market growth, household penetration and subscriber fees of various cable and satellite subscriber services were included in a determination of a reasonable royalty for the technology.
  • F&M testified to damages due to copyright infringement of a library of photographic images via the internet. The chain of earnings and commissions of internet websites using copyrighted images and the fees/commissions earned through pop-up referral websites were analyzed to determine the library's loss of value.