F&M provides a wide range of expertise in the accounting and economic aspects of environmental damages including past cost accumulation, diminution of property value, business interruption and stigma damages.

F&M Capabilities

  • Experienced valuation experts, economists and Big Four CPAs
  • Experienced expert witnesses
  • Experienced in past cost accumulation matters
  • Quantification of environmental stigma damages
  • Experienced in business valuations including waste storage facilities
  • Analysis of the effects of business interruption due to environmental damage
  • Discovery assistance, including depositions, documents and interrogatories

F&M Case Histories

  • F&M provided analysis and testimony on behalf of the defendant in a large class action matter alleging property value diminution due to the stigma of proximity to a contaminated area, resulting in abandonment of the claim by the plaintiff.
  • F&M calculated the short and long-term impact of business disruption due to the effects of toxic waste cleanup on an adjacent site.
  • F&M has been involved in numberous cost accumulation matters involving leaking underground storage tanks and other environmental contamination.
  • F&M has provided analysis for a NAFTA tribunal on the lost value of a proposed toxic waste disposal and storage facility in Mexico that failed to obtain operating permits.
  • F&M has assisted numerous companies in the petroleum and other industries seeking insurance coverage for environmental cleanup costs, including past cost reasonableness, estimated future costs and allocation of liabilities among insurance policies.
  • F&M investigated cost overruns related to remediation of a Superfund site on behalf of the board of directors of a government contractor.