Lost Earnings

F&M provides lost earnings calculations in matters involving wrongful terminations, death and personal injury. F&M is experienced in analyzing all of the components involved in lost earnings calculations.

F&M Capabilities

  • PhDs in economics and experienced Big Four CPAs
  • Experienced expert witnesses
  • Evaluation of lost "but-for" earnings
  • Valuation of employee benefits including medical, dental, 401K's, pension plans and stock options
  • Valuation of household services and employee business interests
  • Analysis of promotion histories
  • Statistical analysis of hiring and/or promotion practices
  • Discovery assistance, including depositions, documents and interrogatories
  • Experienced with settlement and mediation assistance

F&M Case Histories

  • F&M analyzed the history of promotions to partnership in a Big Four accounting firm to demonstrate the unlikely assumptions in plaintiff's claim, resulting in an award of only 10% of the damages claimed.
  • F&M calculated lost future earnings for a plaintiff who was a commissioned employee of an investment banking company by considering the relationship of commissions paid to the company's historical earnings and stock price, resulting in a significant award.
  • F&M significantly reduced a plaintiff's damages by analyzing his accounting and tax records and proving that his claimed mitigating compensation was understated.
  • F&M represented three parties in a wrongful death matter that included the calculation of business interest, an assessment of personal consumption, and the value of each parties household services.