Fraud Investigations and Fraud Related Damages

F&M assists clients in a wide variety of situations in which fraud, embezzlement or other illegal acts have occurred. F&M experience ranges from simple embezzlements by a "trusted," but poorly supervised employee to sophisticated schemes involving many parties and millions of dollars. F&M's work has involved all parties to a fraud, including litigation between the victim and the perpetrator or between the victim and third parties such as insurance companies, banks and accounting firms. F&M has been engaged as both consulting and testifying experts.

F&M Capabilities

  • Experienced Big Four CPAs with accounting, auditing and tax expertise
  • Experienced Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs)
  • Experienced expert witnesses
  • Experienced financial executives
  • Discovery assistance, including depositions, documents and interrogatories
  • Evaluation and calculation of damages

F&M Case Histories

  • F&M measured the multi-billion dollar damage sustained by a major healthcare company resulting from widespread internal fraud.
  • F&M determined the actual aggregate book sales of a NY Times best selling author to support the producer/distributor's claim that they were fraudulently induced to overpay for movie rights.
  • F&M calculated the multi-million dollar damages incurred by a large computer accessories company stemming from an embezzlement perpetrated by its CFO.
  • F&M measured the additional liability relating to income tax evasion.
  • F&M found evidence of fraud against a major lender in audit working papers and provided testimony resulting in a punitive damage award against the auditing firm.
  • F&M identified weakness in plaintiffs' operations and failures by plaintiffs' auditors as contributing factors in a $4 million fraud against a bank's client contrary to assertions by the plaintiff.
  • F&M analyzed audit working papers to demonstrate the auditor's failure to uncover a significant real estate "ponzi scheme," resulting in a multi-million dollar settlement from auditors.
  • F&M analyzed the money trail to establish money laundering in a federal criminal matter.
  • F&M successfully defended an unsophisticated entrepreneur accused of money laundering.
  • F&M assisted several law firms in identifying and analyzing the nature and extent of fraud in the financial statements and securities filings of a carpet cleaning and disaster restoration business.