F&M provides the energy industries with strategic advice and analysis to support sound decisions in business strategy, litigation and regulatory matters.

F&M Capabilities

  • Experienced Big Four CPAs with petroleum company auditing backgrounds
  • Experienced expert witnesses
  • Evaluation of business strategies, infrastructure development, operating issues and public policy issues
  • Analysis of short and long-term economic conditions within the petroleum industry
  • Assessment of crude oil exploration, production, transportation, refining and marketing issues
  • Expert consulting and trial testimony in all phases of commercial litigation, arbitration, mediation and regulatory dispute resolution
  • Evaluation of damages, competitive assessments, research management and settlement negotiations

F&M Case Histories

  • F&M provided expert analysis and testimony on behalf of major oil companies in several matters brought by gasoline wholesalers and retailers alleging anti-competitive behavior.
  • F&M, for a period of over ten years, determined and verified amounts paid to governmental agencies for petroleum production from onshore and offshore leases under various transfer pricing mechanisms.
  • F&M assisted a number of oil companies in litigation or other disputes with their service station dealers over a variety of franchise issues.
  • F&M determined compliance with gasoline pricing policies in oil company divorcement proceedings involving company-operated retail service stations.
  • F&M provided analyses and testimony on the historical and prospective financial results of operations for one of the world's largest solar generating facilities.
  • F&M testified on behalf of the operators of one of the world's largest geothermal fields regarding our analysis of steam supply contracts and measured performance against benchmarks over several multi-year periods.
  • F&M supported trial positions in a number of cases involving wind power generations with financial and business analysis of the industry, of particular generation fields and of performance under varying conditions.
  • F&M analyzed franchise and royalty payments due municipal governments from electrical generators and transmission/distribution companies arising from the use of public lands and facilities.
  • F&M analyzed the financial effects of various interpretations of long-term coal supply contracts on behalf of a power generator.