Business Valuation

F&M provides interdisciplinary "team" expertise in areas of accounting, economics, finance and tax to address a wide variety of business and asset valuation issues across a number of areas including intellectual property, securities, commodities and energy.

F&M Capabilities

  • Experienced Big Four CPAs with accounting, auditing and tax expertise
  • Experienced expert witnesses
  • Economic research of national and international financial markets
  • Experience in public financial markets, solvency analysis, and merger and acquisition due diligence
  • Analysis of business records, regulatory filings and accounting rules governing public reporting
  • Economic analysis in cases involving fraudulent conveyance, securities and shareholder derivative actions, personal liability disputes and wrongful employment termination

F&M Case Histories

  • F&M testified to the diminution in value of a business after a transaction that relied on fraudulent financial statements.
  • F&M prepared the valuation of a health care-related software start-up venture in a breach of contract action between venture capital partners.
  • F&M defended the competency of the solvency opinion prepared during the sale of a major motion picture studio on behalf of the seller.
  • F&M exposed a defendant's arrangement to sell a $120 million foundry business in an attempt to avoid pension liabilities.
  • F&M testified that a major corporation paid too much to acquire a subsidiary because the seller withheld material information.
  • F&M valued a high profile, single office law firm for use in dissolution.
  • F&M testified that convertible debt and call options were used to acquire a synthetic equity interest in a business.
  • F&M valued a major airline and made a determination of solvency at the time of a self tender offer.