Alter Ego and Agency Matters

F&M provides analyses of factors that have been found to be indicia of alter ego and/or agency between or among corporate and individual shareholders, across corporate structure, finance, and operational issues.

F&M Capabilities

  • Experienced Big Four CPAs, investment bankers, fraud experts, and tax professionals
  • Experienced expert witnesses
  • Experienced in applying business judgement to the analysis of relationships between corporate entities
  • Understand the commercial aspects of various court decisions in this area

F&M Case Histories

  • F&M testified in defense of alter ego claims on behalf of a large company resulting in a favorable settlement.
  • F&M analyzed an alleged agency relationship between a US parent and a foreign subsidiary several levels removed from the US parent.
  • F&M analyzed indicia of alter ego between seven discrete owner-subsidiary relationships in a multinational corporation. F&M also addressed the single enterprise theory on this matter.
  • F&M provided analysis of alter ego factors for individual shareholders of a company subject to a sizeable judgment.
  • F&M provided analysis of a US subsidiary of an Australian parent for an alter ego claim.